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The AGA Masterchef is a cook's cooker that has been designed to occupy a 1000mm space and match the height and depth of standard kitchen units.  It features ergonomically designed control knobs, a thermostatically controlled slow cooking oven, two large independent ovens with drop down doors, a high-speed ceramic electric grill and is available as a dual fuel or all electric model.

Dual Fuel
The dual fuel AGA Masterchef offers specially developed gas burners to provide different ratings to suit all your cooking needs.  It also has cast-iron professional-grade pan supports that are fitted for easy removal.

All Electric
The all electric AGA Masterchef is also available with a high speed ceramic hotplate, made from high quality heavy duty ceramic that also features rapid response elements.

Key Features

  • Thermostatically controlled slow cooking oven
  • Two large independent ovens
  • High speed ceramic electric grill


  • Natural Gas
  • LPG