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Heat Storage Cookers

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4 Oven AGA

Like all other AGA cookers the 4-oven AGA has two insulated covers, which are warm to the touch and conceal hotplates that are instantly ready to cook.  The left-hand hotplate is for boiling (the high heat means that water can be boiled faster than most electric kettles) and is large enough to hold three average-sized saucepans at once.  In addition to the Roasting, Simmering and Baking ovens found on the 3-oven AGA , the 4-oven possesses an additional Warming Oven. 

Another useful feature of the 4-oven AGA is the choice of either a Warming Plate or hob.  The Warming Plate is useful to serve from, whilst the hob provides you with even more cooking options.  The hob can be specified as either gas or as electric ceramic. 

The 4-oven AGA can also be specified with either an Integrated or Freestanding Module.

Key Features

  • Roasting Oven
  • Baking Oven
  • Simmering Oven
  • Warming Oven
  • Warming Plate
  • Choice of heat sources to suit your needs


  • Natural Gas
  • Propane Gas
  • 30-amp Electric
  • Night Storage
  • 13-amp Electric
  • Oil