Heat Storage Cookers

Heat Storage Cookers

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2 Oven AGA

With a stylish, streamlined top plate and easy-to-use features, the 2-oven 13-amp Electric AGA  is fitted with the AGA Intelligent Management System (AIMS) as standard.  It's more compact than you'd imagine too, at just less than a metre wide. Also using Electricity as the source of its power is the 2-oven Night Storage AGA.

For even greater flexibility, every 2-oven AGA can be combined with either an Integrated or a Freestanding Module. All Modules further extend the capability of the AGA with two electric ovens (including one with a fan) and the option of either a Gas or Electric Ceramic Hob.

Key Features

  • 2 Insulated Hotplates for simmering and boiling 
  • Roasting Oven used for grilling, roasting and baking
  • Simmering Oven for simmering and overnight slow-cooking
  • Under a metre wide in size


  • Natural Gas
  • Propane Gas
  • 30-amp Electric Night-Storage
  • 13-amp Electric
  • Oil